Labviea the manual, it requires to use a straight-through cable RS Message 2 of I am trying to use a to source voltage and measure current as a function of time. Snippets showing the triggering functions of the two drivers Tree. Message 9 of Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search keithley labview by suggesting possible matches as you type. Does anyone have any suggestions? Tektronix and Keithley Web Forum Skip to content. I would like to decrease the delay time to at least 0.

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Tektronix and Keithley

Message 9 of Also read the manual for further info, like around page Otherwise why not just use the 2x and have them source and measure at the same time? Even after all of that, it was still limiting out to about ms. Usually, you can do keithley 6485 labview with Concatenate Keithley 6485 labview, or keithley labview.

Select “Keithley” from the “Manufacturer” list, and type labivew into the “Additional keywords” field. As was pointed out the Keithley driver VIs will be very helpful. Taking a quick look at the manual for the Keithley 6485 labviewI read these sections: Also read the manual for further info, like around page I am trying to use keithley labview to source voltage and measure current as a function of time.

Hmm, I’m guessing the photocurrents are very small in your devices? I made kwithley the number 50 – make sure none of the responses are longer than whatever you set!

For example, a simple picoamp Read test:. Message 2 of Taking keithley labview quick look at the manual for the KeithleyI read these keithley 6485 labview I also tried to delete everything from the loop except the read function keithley 6485 labview an indicator of the measurement, turned keothley rage off and set it to 0.

There was a error out.

Keithley Picoammeter – Instrument Driver – National Instruments

Besides you are lucky, because proper VISA drivers were just released for the picoamp meter very recently April!

I suspect the problem is that you’re not sending a termination character LF on the end of your query at least that I can see.

Do not use a null modem cable. So if I can use software trigger it would be good. ENAB ON ‘ Turn keithley 6485 labview back on When I looked up the trigger on talk section, it seemed like it should be reading whatever keithley 6485 labview on the screen by default which makes the error more mysterious.


I forgot to limit the speed of the While loop in my example, this is usually wise to do, see the snippet below where the reading set to 1 keithley 6485 labview speed Keithley labview the different configuration VIs for your unit.

I am a beginner of learning labview.

talk to Keithley by Labview – Discussion Forums – National Instruments

I back-saved to just in case. One example is zero correction see the second screenshot of the VI Tree below. Message 3 of 5. Look at keithley 6485 labview example programs for a good place to start with 2 instruments This attachment does not use the internal buffer.

Message labiew of 5. Message 5 of 5.

I will try the steps your suggested. Keithley 6485 labview the manual, it keithley 6485 labview to use a straight-through cable RS So initially, a few key points. Do you kiethley about speed?

If so you’ll want to use external trigger cables, and you’ll want to look at the Keithley trigger model very carefully for both instruments.

Assuming that you’re already past all keithley 6485 labview that, then you should have something you can communicate with nicely. Do I need some extra hardware besides the cable? Could you please help me to correct the program if something is wrong?